How to Be Energetic

by GOKILAVANI 2014-03-05 09:44:38

1.Honor Yourself and realize you are a unique person with your own destiny to fulfill.
-Believe in yourself, never give into doubt, action overcomes doubts. Fake it until you make.
-Act the way you want to be, even though you do not feel in the moment.
-Do not listen to the negative tapes in your head, visualize your goals and proceed.
-Train and manage your mind

2.Respect Yourself.
-Respect yourself for your uniqueness and understand that everyone is on their own life journey.
-You are who you are; you are the best at being yourself, and you are a unique person, full of possibilities!
-Accept and respect yourself, flaws and all, and you will find that life becomes much less of a burden.

3.Forget about what others think of you.
-The most valued opinion should be yours alone.
-If you live in fear of what other people will say or think of you, it will hold you back from realizing your full potential and being the best you can be.
-Everyone's different; don't do what everyone else does just because you're afraid to stand out.
-Don't let people pick at any insecurities; realize that what they say and think really does not matter.

4.Accept both your dark shadows and the bright light that shines forth from your loving qualities:
-Thus accept the totality of who you are.
-This means acknowledging your "good" and "bad" qualities, your flaws and your talents, your mistakes and your achievements.
-Enjoy reflecting on your past and the lessons you've learned, as well as learning more about yourself and taking everything you possibly can from your experiences, good and bad.

5.Watch Your Self-judgment and Self-criticism.
-Believe in yourself. Your journey in life is threaded with friends, family and endless events, but it is also a solitary thing for you - you have to be your toughest critic, but at the same time, your own biggest fan.

6.Take Nothing Personally.
-No matter what people do or say, no matter how things turn out, learn to accept it, move on, and look back and laugh. ---Don't be too sensitive or too worried about the way things are; get the most out of these experiences, even if they aren't entirely pleasant.

7.Forgive Yourself
- And forgive others when screw ups happen; this lightens your heart and adds tremendous energy to your life.
-Remember that everyone makes mistakes, including yourself, and learn not to let this anger or upset you beyond the point of forgiveness.

8.Think Creatively
-when challenges present themselves, which they'll do until the day you depart this earth plane.

9.Be Thankful
-For all the gifts you have and take care of your body, mind, and spirit, as no one else knows how to more than you do, even when they seem to.

10.Live in the present moment:
-The past is dead (like a canceled check) and the future is a promissory note, it may or may not arrive.
-You'll feel so much more joy when you can actually use the opportunities you've earned.

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