Your Signature Says About Personality

by satheeshkumar 2014-03-05 14:25:47

Your Signature Says About Personality ,

Size of Signature

A large signature shows a sense of high status. If your signature is larger than your handwriting, it shows higher self-esteem and confidence level.

Those whose signatures are same as their writing (medium signature) are likely to be balanced with a sense of value and modesty. These people do not act or pretend and have knowledge of how they are perceived.

Dot Signature

A signature with i-dot’s speaks about the personality of the person. A creative i-dot signifies that the person is different from the crowd and loves to stand out. The small straight line used as an i-dot talks about the impatient behavior of a person. This person is likely to always be in hurry. No i-dot shows the person does not need heed details and finds it tough to follow minute details. A long and continuous i-dot shows creativity and intelligence.

Rising and Descending Signature

Most signatures are rising in direction or descending. Rising signatures show the positive attitude of the writer. Such writers are usually optimistic and have a sense of ambition. These writers have the ability to face tough times or difficulties with confidence head-on. Descending signatures depict a rough patch in your life, it can be depression or pessimism.

Signature Underline

A simple underline shows the self-reliance of the writer. Such writers like to follow rules and traditions blindly. The more stylized the underline, the more attention a writer is likely to seek. These writers love to get noticed everywhere and are ready to do anything to be the center of attention.

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