Zero-Size Intelligence

by GOKILAVANI 2014-04-04 09:35:26

In terms of intelligence no one wants to be called as a zero but in computing zero-sized intelligence is possible.

zero-sized intelligence in computing means packing a whole lot of brains in a tiny, tiny package.

Computer manufacturer encourage forward thinking and creativity.

Such as Intel have futurists on board to predict where technology is headed.


The future advance of computing is so small and Futurist Brian David Johnson sees a size that the housing for the computer itself is almost zero.

There are tremendous technology increase which put computers almost anywhere and in almost anything.

Computers used to take up entire rooms, then whole desktops, laps and palms, to micro-chip-sized casings and atom-powered transistors invisible to the naked eye .

The shrinking of computing size would also lead to the end of Moore's Law was predicted by many people.

Gordon E. Moore, a co-founder of Intel, famously predicted that every two years the number of transistors on a chip will roughly double every 24 months.

As computer brains have diminished in size -- with some models powered by just five atoms and one-atom developments about 10 to 20 years down the road

Getting smaller may reach an end point as atomic transistors replace chips.

Whether the low cost will trickle down despite the high cost of innovating such small transistors remains to be seen

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