Google started indexing Android app content in Google search

by Geethalakshmi 2014-04-04 15:40:17

Google started indexing Android app content in Google search

Google Announces that "Whether you're searching for a movie, an apartment, restaurant, shoes, news article, book, recipe, or even a job, you can now go directly to the relevant content within apps that you’ve installed on your phone."

Google also says that it is about to bring in search results in multiple languages.

Google also suggests app developers to notify them with the added deep link to your android app, inclusion in the sitemap by filling the form here.

Here are some best practices to consider while adding deep links to your sitemap or website:

1) App deep links should only be included for canonical web URLs.

2) Remember to specify an app deep link for your homepage.

3) all website URLs in a Sitemap need to have a corresponding app deep link. Do not include app deep links that aren't supported by your app.

4) If you are a news site and use News Sitemaps, be sure to include your deep link annotations in the News Sitemaps, as well as your general Sitemaps.

5) Don't provide annotations for deep links that execute native ARM code. This enables app indexing to work for all platforms.

6) Make sure the back button behavior of your app leads directly back to the search results page.

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