Google AdWords Launches New Bulk Editing Tools

by PRanesh 2014-08-21 10:07:49

Google Announced a new release in G plus which one is new and ease of use in editing bulk contents inside the adword tool. This tool will helps us to update the settings as required for our campaigns in an efficient manner.

google adwords

This tool has the following features

  • Helps to work oout in specified location

  • Has an option for updating multiple location

  • And a setting to update with

    • language,

    • campaign end dates, &

    • ad rotation.

The screen shot of tool as follows:

adwords new bulk editing tools

To find this option follow the steps given below

Go to your AdWords account >> campaigns tab >> Settings sub-tab >> Edit menu, select the attribute that you want to change.

In the box that appears, to update your changes and submit with “Make changes” button.


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