Two media seo cant ignore:

by silvia 2014-09-10 11:14:24

Nowadays, images and videos are also appearing in the search results, hence to get maximum visibility in search results, seo should concentrate more than the content in the page.

two important media

Its equally good to get more than one listing for your page in google search results like images and videos other than the content.

Images :

Most of the websites have images for their websites but it have to optimized well more results.

How to optimize images:

  1. Optimize every image you use by naming it well.

  2. Good image quality

  3. Image alt text and relevant description with appropriate keywords.

  4. Image size should be good without affecting the page load time especially for mobile users.

  5. Image sitemaps to discover the images in your website by google search engine.

  6. Schema image markup

Video :

Including videos and making it as a part of content strategy is an additional way to improve the page.

How to optimize videos:

  1. Video content strategy

  2. Choose thumbnails for video images and minimum of 160 x 90 pixels and maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  3. Video Sitemap

  4. Semantic markup for videos.

  5. Video description, surrounding text on the videos and transcript option for videos.

  6. Better to have a shorter video length.


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