6 Blogging Tools to Increase Your Productivity and Traffic

by JothiS 2014-10-13 17:43:03

1. SEMRush

   Keywords that will help you to get traffic can be gathered form SEMRush, It analyzes your competitors traffic and analyze the best keywords that gain traffic to them.

CoSchedule is a good editorial calendar for well planning for  blogging. 
  • Create your calendar – You can plan out your content on a calendar and drag and drop articles to rearrange their planned publish dates
  • Task management – Assign tasks related to the content to your team, such as, adding a feature image to the blog post, or assigning it to your editor for a final review.
  • Content distribution – You can connect up your social profiles and then create and schedule posts and tweets that will promote you article at specified times to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.
3. Canva 
Images play a major role in the blog. Canva provides a wide range of templates for creating images, images acn also be uploaded and customized as per your wish.

Google Webmaster Tools
   Optimize the content using Google Webmaster Tool.

5. Ontraport
Ontraport is an automation email marketing tool which, send an email related to a blog post and if your subscribers click on this link you can then send them automated emails with details of other posts that are similar to the ones they have shown an interest in.

6. Keywordtool.io
   Keywordtool.io is a tool which shows related words to the keywords entered which can be included in the blogs. 


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