by Deepa.M 2014-12-11 10:55:58

Compatibility Testing:

 -> Non functional testing
 -> We are make ensure that our application/system/website is capable of running on various objects.
    objects->various browsers,various resolution,various operating systems..

When it is needed:
  ->Algoritham page is very complex.
  ->when our page have a lot of animation,ActiveX,Java Applet and Dynamic content    
  ->If algorithm is running on Client side
During this we can start our testing as soon as possible.

  ->Change in page layout,gride.
  ->page validation is not working in certain browsers
  ->Transaction are not on clicking submit button or link.
  ->pagination erors.

Tester should ask:
  ->which browser application was developed.
  ->ask about style sheet.

  Image size,font color,text padding,background should be same in all browsers.

   -> Hardware : check with hardware configurations.
  -> Operating Systems: Windows , Unix , Mac OS etc.
  -> Software: check the compatiability with other software like MS Outlook,MS Excel , VBA etc.
  -> Network: Evaluation of performance of system In network with varying parameters such as Bandwidth, Operating speed, Capacity. It also checks application  in different networks with all parameters mentioned earlier.
  -> Browser:  Firefox , Google Chrome , Internet Explorer, Safari etc.
  -> Devices :USB port Devices, Printers and Scanners, Other media devices and Blue tooth.
  -> Mobile: Checking the software is compatible with mobile platforms like Android , iOS etc.
  -> Versions of the software: Example checking our Microsoft Word to be compatible with Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1 , Windows 7 SP 2 , Windows 7 SP 3.

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