PSPAD editor shortcuts

by Ramya 2010-01-08 14:03:50

PSPad keyboard shortcuts:

Edit in pspad:
F8 Block Selection
Ctrl+C Copy - Copy selected text to clipboard
Ctrl+X Cut - Cut selected text to clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste -Insert clipboard text to cursor position
Shft+Ctrl+V Paste Without Cursor Change
Shft+Ctrl+Z Redo - Redo Last Undo
Ctrl+A SelectAll - Mark all text as selected
Shft+Ctrl+' Select String
Ctrl+Z Undo - Undo last change
Shft+Ctrl+M SelMatchBracket
Ctrl+' SelString2
Ctrl+Ins CopyEx
Shft+Del CutEx
Shft+Ins PasteEx

Shft+Ctrl+Up/Down Whole Words Only

Ctrl+F4 Close - Close active file
Ctrl+F9 Compile - Run external compiler to compile file
Ctrl+Alt+F4 Exit - Exit PSPad
Esc - Exit with ESC
Ctrl+N New file... - Create new file
Ctrl+O Open... - Open Selected File(s)
Ctrl+D Open Active File with New Name...
Shft+Ctrl+O Open in HEX Editor...
Ctrl+P Print - Print open file
Alt+P Print Preview - Print preview
Ctrl+R Reopen Active File - Reopen active file & Discard Changes
Ctrl+S Save - Save file
Shft+Ctrl+S Save All - Save changes of all open files
F12 Save As... - Save open file as file
Ctrl+Alt+S Save Without changing File Date
F9 Run1
Alt+F9 Run2
Shft+F9 Run3

Alt+A Char Table - Open ASCII and Symbol table
Ctrl+J Auto Completion
Alt+M Clipboard Monitor window
Ctrl+Space Show Clips
Alt+I Insert Text into Lines...
Alt+Q Repeat last command
F7 Spell Check
Ctrl+F7 Spell Settings...
Shft+Space ClipRun

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