Starting tools

by bharathi 2010-01-28 18:43:09

Some of the examples of Gettting started SEO tools are

* WordTracker â general keyword research tool, one of the best known in the SEO industry. You have to pay for the service but there is a free trial.
* Google Adwords keyword tool â Free keyword research tool, specify keywords or enter your URL for keyword performance data.
* Meta tag generator tool â Free tool to help you make sure your keyword and description meta tags are formed correctly
* Page size tool â Free tool to help you determine the size of your web page
* Web developers cheat sheet â PDF file containing SEO friendly tips and hints for the coding of your site.
* XML sitemap creation tool â Free creation of a site map in XML format to help the search engines index your site after it has been created and launched.
* Robots.txt creation tool â Free creation of a file that tells the search engines if there are any folders or pages you want to be excluded from indexing
* Code validators â Free tools that will inform you of any CSS, HTML or linking errors on your site.

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