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What is a webserver?
A webserver, or just server, is a computer that stores various files for retrival over the internet. All websites that you visit are run off of servers. Basically, your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) sends a request to the server and the server responds with the requested data.In order to use your own computer as a server that others can visit, you must first have a server installed and running on it.

Suggested Server Software:
The reccomended software to run is the server known as "Apache". It is downloadable from the main apache page (found here) in binary form (or source if you are so inclined) for Linux and Windows distributions. Installation can be difficult, so you can ask for help here or search the documentation for help.

My webserver is setup, but nobody other than me can see it!
Make sure that:

-Your firewall allows apache to be accessed by the web

Check your firewall's settings. Usually, on the first time Apache is accessed, the firewall will popup a window asking if Apache should be allowed access. Hit yes.

-Your firewall isn't blocking port 80

This depends on the firewall, so check your documentation.

-If you are using a router, that port forwarding is enabled for port 80 to the computer that is hosting

-You don't have an ip that changes often, as this will muck up most webservers.

You can use services such as DirectUpdate and DynDNS to get a free subdomain and keep your ip address constantly linked to the subdomain to simulate a static IP.

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