Leave policy of Tamilnadu Government

by raja 2010-01-29 19:13:24

As per the labour laws of Tamilnadu Government, an employee of an establishment is entitled to 12 days of casual during the first 12 months of his service and after 12 months of continuous service 12 days of 'holidays with wages' i.e., earned leave. and sick leave with wages for 12 days (onthe grounds of sickness or accident. As regards wages for sick leave, the employee should obtain the benefits from ESI Corporation if he is covered by the ESI.
An employee can accumulate "holidays with wages" i.e., earned leave upto a maximum of 24 days only.

It is mendatory for every organization to give PL with CL & SL. The condtion is that CL & SL you can give any employee from very first month of his joining. But for availing PL employee need to be confirmed or complete his 240 days from the joining date. The number of PL varies from state to state as per labour laws.

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