God of War

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God of War:

God of War is a video game for the PlayStation 2 console released on March 22, 2005. It is an action-adventure game based on Greek mythology. God of War was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment's Santa Monica division. It is the first installment of the God of War series of games and the second chronologically.

It was very well received by critics and fans alike and was the recipient of many awards, including "Game of the Year" honors from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. In 2007, IGN listed God of War on their Top 25 PS2 Games list.[3] The game is now available in the PlayStation 2's lineup of Greatest Hits. A sequel titled God of War II was released on March 13, 2007. A mobile game, God of War: Betrayal fills the story gap between God of War and God of War II. A prequel, exclusive on the PlayStation Portable, titled God of War: Chains of Olympus, was released on March 4, 2008. A third title, God of War III, is also in development for the PlayStation 3. Prior to God of War III's release, God of War along with its first sequel was released on PlayStation 3 in North America on November 17, 2009 as part of the God of War Collection, featuring remastered versions of both games and support for PlayStation Trophies.[4] It will be released in Japan on March 18, 2010 and in Europe and Australia in the God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition. It has not been confirmed if it will be released as a standalone in Europe or Australia.

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