How to hack a website or Webpage

by Vinoth 2010-01-29 20:16:09

When I go for the content in that page was changed. It just shows's home page. Like this image below. Because I had hacked that page. For more read this fully...

Are you want to do this for your site its simple
Just do the following steps.
Consider Now we are going to hack and make the contents of

1. In browser address bar type domain which will be hack (i.e you want to should be display the content in just type
2. After loading completed go to address bar and type but don't press enter.
3. Change the mouse position
4. Press "Prient Screen" button
5. Open mspaint (Start>Run>mspaint+enter)
6. Press Ctrl+v
8. Press Ctrl+s and save it
9. Upload the image into your site And show to others what I make here
10. Congrats You hacked a website........

I had make one mistake...
Find this and highlight that if you can.......

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