Create Table in MS Word or MS Outlook without using mouse and menus

by Geethalakshmi 2008-07-29 11:46:29

MS Word has an interesting easter egg which is used to create a table without using mouse or menus in MS word.

Just type the content (+--+---+-----+) in Microsoft Word or MS Outlook and press Enter. One row of a table will be created and for more rows you can press TAB.

Step 1:
You can enter '+' symbol to start or end a column. After which a - symbol to be entered continuously which indicates the length of the column.

Example: A 3 column table where the middle column width is more and the other two are smaller looks like the one below.


Step 2:
After entering the above(or similar) in your word or outlook, just press enter to create the table.

Step 3:
Press TAB to create more Rows

This is one of the Easter Egg in Microsoft Word.

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