Create a Quality RSS Feed

by Vinoth 2010-02-02 16:03:34

1. Add Feed Image in your Feed
Add an image to your RSS feed. The image will be displayed by many feed readers each time your feed is displayed. This will help build and reinforce your brand or image in the minds of people who read your RSS feed.

2. Images And Links
Add images and links within the RSS feed. The process of adding images and links to the description field of an RSS feed is really quite simple if you are using software to manage your feed, while it may be somewhat complex if you are hand-coding your feed. Incorporating images or hot links in the feed's content will allow your readers to explore further and dig deeper into your content.

3. Validate
Do proper Validation for your feed.

4. Easy To Subscribe
Make your RSS feed easy to subscribe to. Include the traditional RSS icon, or an indicator site-wide, so that website visitors can easily locate and subscribe to your RSS feeds. Include a page how to use RSS Feed.

5. Auto Discovery
Add "auto-discovery" code to the HTML header of your website. Many RSS aggregators include an auto-discovery feature, which allows them to automatically detect when a website offers an RSS feed. So, if your website visitors are using one of those aggregators, they will instantly know that an RSS feed for your content is available from your website.

6. Have Favicon for your website
Add a "favicon" to your website. Favicons (short for "favorite icons") are typically a tiny version of a company or Web site's logo, and appear in the URL bar of the user's web browser. When a user bookmarks a specific Web page that includes a favicon, that Web page loads the customized icon into the user’s browser. Because the favicon is usually displayed next to the web site address, it can act like a small logo or an icon that visitors can use to remember the web site or the site address. Feed directories and RSS Search Engines will often use a favicon beside an RSS feed's listings. So be sure that you have one on your website.

7. Subscribe To Your Own Feed
Always subscribe to your RSS feed, so you can see what your website visitors are seeing.

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