Avoid Windows XP reactive after reinstall - simple hack tip

by rajesh 2008-08-30 11:29:34

How to avoid Windows XP reactivate:

Some times we might be pushed to reinstall windows xp. But after that we might be asked for reactivation. It depends on the type of license we use. We can avoid to re-activate XP by using this simple process.

> Even before starting the reinstall process copy the file WPA.DBL from you system32 folder ( e.g:
C:WINDOWSsystem32WPA.DBL) to a local drive like floppy or USB

> Start reinstalling windows.. Decline the activation part during installation and complete the installation.

> Restart the computer in Safe Mode [press F8 during startup and it will take you to Advanced Boot Options, there you can select Safe Mode]

> Open a Explorer Window and go to the system32 folder (e.g: C:WindowsSystem32)

> There rename the file WPA.DBL to WPA.BACKUP

> Copy the old WPA.DBL file (which was backed up before reinstallation) from our local drive in to this folder.

> Restart the computer..

Now you will not be asked to re-activate XP. This might not work between different computers. i.e. backup of file from a different machine and restoring it in another machine might not work.

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