Overcoming Hack in tmp folder

by Selva 2008-09-02 13:49:14

I servers hackers may put the hack files /tmp and execute them.Since /tmp have 777 permission any user can put their file in /tmp.The hackers may use this loophole and put the executable ( binary file ) and can hack the system.

A way to avoid Hack in /tmp

In servers a easiest way to avoid hack in /tmp folder is to mount /tmp in separate partition and make fstab entry in /etc/fstab file as :

LABEL=/tmp /tmp ext3 defaluts,noexec 0 0

In above line we can see the entry like noexec which secifies that files in /tmp folder cannot be executed.
After creating a seprate partition for /tmp and making above fstab (file system table) entry in /etc/fstab reboot the system.Now execute a binary file,the file will not be executed.

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