Configure your Yahoo! Mail & GMail Account

by Nirmala 2008-09-12 15:06:20


1. Open Microsoft Outlook Express.
2. Click Tools à Accounts.
3. Click Mail Tab.
4. Click Add command à and click mail.
5. It will ask for the Name. Enter your name (It’s for Display purpose only) and click Next.
6. Then it will ask for your Mail id. Enter your correct Mail id (Eg. or
someone@yahoo. & click Next.
7. It will ask for the Incoming Mail Server (POP) & Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP).
8. For Yahoo!
1. POP Address - com (or)
2. SMTP Address - com (or)
9. For GMail
1. POP Address -
2. SMTP Address -
10. Click Next.
11. Then it will ask your Account Name and Password.
12. Enter your account name (i.e. Username) and password correctly & make a tick mark in the
Remember password check box.
13. If you don’t want to make tick mark, you can leave it. But whenever you check your mail, it will
ask for the password every time.
14. Click Next.
15. Click Finish & you can find that your account has been created.
16. Select your account and click properties.
17. A window will open and in that you click Servers tab.
18. At last you can find a Check Box with My Server requires Authentication.
19. Make a tick mark in that and give Ok and close the Internet Accounts window.
20. In the Tool Bar you can find a tool by name Send/Recv.
21. By clicking that you can Send and receive your mails.
22. To send mails Click Create Mail tool in the tool bar.

Special Note:

If you can’t able to Send / Receive mails or if you face any problem after the above steps,
follow these steps.

1. Open your Yahoo mail through the normal way (Through Internet Explorer).
2. Go to Options à Mail Options.
3. Click POP & Forwarding and then a window will appear. (If you are a Yahoo Mail Beta user
Click POP & Forwarding and click “Setup or Edit POP & Forwarding”)
4. If the Web & POP Access option is not checked, mark it as checked and save the changes and
come out.
5. Then you can easily send and receive your mails through Outlook Express.

They above steps are suitable only for yahoomail and gmail not for rediffmail.

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