Adding/Installing awstats

by rajesh 2007-08-16 18:45:46

Installing awstats is simple

Follow the procedure

- Download latest version of awststs

- Extract the tar.gz file as tar -xzvf awstats-6.7.tar.gz

- Create a folder as awstats under /usr/local and move all the folders under awstats6.7 to /usr/local/awstats

- Now Run the configuration file (It needs perl)
> cd /usr/local/awstats
> perl tools/

As it asks for details provide the same
- Enter the httpd.conf path when it asks
- Enter the site name or virtual host name when it asks for e.g: hioxorg
- Enter the folder name under which the conf file has to be created e.g: /etc/awstats/

This will create a conf file called awstats.hioxorg.conf under /etc/awstats/ dir

- Edit the conf file and set proper values for
LogFile="/var/log/httpd/access_log" - This is where it reads log from
DirData="/home/username/awstats" - This is the folder under which it stores stats data.

- Updating AwStats
perl /usr/local/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/ -update -config=hioxorg

This will read the log and update the data under file in DirData

- We can create static report from data using
perl wwwroot/cgi-bin/ -config=hioxorg -output -month=08 -year=2007 -staticlinks > /home/rajesh/awstats/index-08-2007.html

This will read the data file and generate a html report for the specified month and year.

AwStats can be dynamically Updated, dynamically report generated/monitored from webserver itslef. We have not touched it here.


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