The Tweeting Boss

by Rameshraj 2010-02-05 10:40:46

Anand Mahindra is by far the most active CEO (and possibly the only promoter) of a large Indian conglomerate to participate on Twitter. Though his 15,000-odd followers pale into insignificance when compared to Shashi Tharoor's 600,000, he tweets on virtually everything and not just his company. Some of his latest tweets discuss the impact of Avatar on film-making and his passion for running marathons.

So, how did he get onto Twitter? Alastair Trueger, one of Mahindra's ''global recruits'' (every year, M and M recruits 5-10 students from the US), explained the service to him and told him the virtues of reaching out before setting up Twitter on Mahindra's iPhone. Mahindra admits, however, that answering each and every query that he gets is impossible. ''There are hundreds everyday,'' says the man who is now hooked to the micro-blogging service. If one needed proof that India Inc. is waking up to social media, there is no better example. You can follow Anand Mahindra at

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