Qualities of a Good Leader

by kalai 2008-11-05 16:01:13

1. A good head to be able to evaluate the quality of ideas and
Suggestions presented to him.

2. A good heart to be able to be compassionate and fair with the people.

3. A good spirit to be able to hear the voice of God. Some paths
God will lead you down don't make head and heart sense at the

4. A good eye to be able to see things other people cannot.

5. A good tongue to be able to communicate the vision to the
People and motivate them to follow.

6. A good hand to be able to do the things that need to be
Done. Knowing the right way is not the same as doing it.

7. A good foot to set an example for the people.
A minor flaw Can outshine a major mission in the eyes of small minds.

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