I Fantasize Of You

by satheesh 2010-02-11 10:02:20

Every night i go to sleep
And begin to dream
The story of my dream has got the same old theme
It's you, baby, it's you

Turn off the light
Sit down on the couch
Pour me a whiskey too
Take off your dress
I'll help you with that
I fantasize of you

The scent of your skin
Gets to my head
As the smoke from your cigarette do
With monk in the speakers
And love in your eyes
I fantasize of you

I know i'm only dreaming
Of spending my life with you
But somehow i'm still believing
It all one day will come true

The ice in my glass
Makes my lips so cold
As i kiss you from top to toe
You beg me to stop
But i know you want more
I fantasize of you

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