How to Sound Intelligent ?

by Geethalakshmi 2008-11-24 15:10:25

Do You Want to Sound Intelligent? Follow the steps below...

#! Speak more slowly than you normally do. Sometimes people just get carried away and talk so fast that they get ahead of themselves. When you speak, just slow down and think about each word you are saying. This also allows you to choose your words more carefully.

#! Maintain proper body language when you are talking to people. Some studies estimate that as much as eighty percent of communication between people is non-verbal. Therefore if your head is down and your shoulders are slumped people will assume you are not confident in the information you are trying to convey.

#! Think positively before you speak. If you are not confident in your words then how can others believe you when you speak those words. Tell yourself that you are smart and know what you are talking about.

#! Use phrases from other languages when you talk. People will assume that if you know another language, or least a phrase from one, that you are intelligent.

#! Avoid repeating the same word over and over again. Sometimes when people speak they get nervous, and latch on to particular word or phrase like a verbal life preserver. Try to use a variety of words to stay away from a repetitious speech pattern.

#! Enunciate clearly, when you talk. This can help in two different areas, first it slows you down and secondly it makes your words more evident and forceful when you speak.

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