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Fiberglass is a material composed of very fine threads of glass and sometimes other materials, loosely grouped together in bundles. Fiberglass has many impressive qualities, among them strength, flexibility, heat trapping, and fire-resistance. Fiberglass is used in vehicle construction, woven into cloths to make them fire resistant, and as insulation.

The earliest form of fiberglass, which consisted of coarse glass fibers, was used by the ancient Egyptians. They incorporated the fibers into pottery, as a decorative trim.

The first modern process for making fiberglass was developed by Parisian craftsman Dubus-Bonnel. He would spin and weave strands of hot glass on a loom. Dubus-Bonnel was granted a patent for his product in 1836. (A patent is a grant made by a government that allows the creator of invention the sole right to make, use, and sell that invention for a set period of time.)

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