Steps To Prevent File Corruption in Outlook Express

by Geethalakshmi 2008-12-19 01:55:25

Ten Steps To Prevent File Corruption in Outlook Express

If you follow the ten stops outlined here, you will greatly reduce the chances that your DBX files will become corrupt.

1. Disable the e-mail scan in your anti-virus program.

2. If you have not installed Windows XP SP2, disable automatic background compaction.

3. Keep the Inbox as empty as possible by moving messages to other folders you create.

4. Be careful that the Sent Items folder does not grow to an unmanageable size (2,000 or so messages seems a good target).

5. Compact all folders on a regular basis, such as bi-weekly, or more often if you make extensive use of e-mail or newsgroups.

6. When compacting, do not use your computer until the process is finished.

7. Purchase a copy of DBXtract for emergency use.

8. Keep your computer and anti-virus products up to date with the latest patches.

9. Backup your entire Store Folder on a regular basis.

10. Remember that you can store important messages, or messages with large attachments, outside of Outlook Express simply by dragging them from the message list and dropping them on your desktop. Then delete the original message in the message list to keep the DBX file smaller.

These simple steps will help keep your Outlook Express working in tiptop shape so that hopefully you will never need that emergency copy of DBXtract.

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