7 Things Yahoo Does Better than Google

by Geethalakshmi 2009-10-24 22:58:16

7 Things Yahoo Does Better than Google

1. Personal Finance - Yahoo Finance contains a great wealth of original content that easily rivals some of the biggest financial sites in the game (CNN Money, TheStreet.com, etc.). The interface is equally intuitive and accessible to both new investors and longtime financial gurus. Google Finance is coming along, but it isnt quite up to par just yet.

2. Answers to Questions Yahoo Answers allows users to ask questions or answer other users questions; A simple concept that works well for Yahoo. Google has no such active service. The closest competition on the web right now is Ask MetaFilter also a great question/answer service.

3. Website Backlink Info Most webmasters like to know exactly how many sites are linking to their various websites. Yahoo makes this especially easy with their linkdomain: search operator. It quickly provides a full list of incoming links to any given domain. For some reason Google does not publicly disclose this backlink information, but instead provides a small sample of quality incoming links to a given domain via its link: search operator. Google does provide Google Webmaster Tools that will give you backlink information for a specific domain once you sign up and prove to Google that you are the owner of the domain.

4. Image Hosting and Sharing - With its recent purchase of Flickr, Yahoo now rules the Web 2.0 photo sharing market. Flickr is currently the king over all the other photo sharing sites out there. Although, lets not forget that Google rules the Web 2.0 video sharing market with YouTube.

5. Local Search If you are looking for businesses around your town or city, Yahoo Local is a step ahead of Google. While Google can perform local searches in a variety of different ways through their standard search interface and Google Maps application, Yahoo Local is a more polished service that puts all local search capabilities on one convenient page. Yahoo local is sort of like a digital Yellow/White Pages.

6. Entertainment Portal From music to online games to sports, Yahoo provides a solid entertainment web portal capable of satisfying various entertainment and leisure user demographics. For better or for worst, Google isnt trying to be an entertainment portal, so it doesnt even come close to competing with Yahoo in this regard.

7. Privacy Policy - Yahoo is arguably better with the privacy concerns of its users. Certainly this point could be debated in favor of either company, but there seems to be more public controversy surrounding Googles privacy policies.

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