List of Major Search Engines

by Geethalakshmi 2009-10-24 23:46:53

List of Major Search Engines

The search engines below are all the excellent choices to start with for submitting websites.

Web's most popular search engine that uses PageRank and other methods to rank results.

Portal with a general Web search and many other content services

General search engine enhanced by a number of specialty searches including a dictionary, thesaurus, currency converter, encyclopedia, maps, news and more
Returns results quickly from a database gathered by the Yahoo! crawler; offers multimedia and news searches; has a good advanced search interface

AOL Search (internal)
Engine that defaults to AND logic and offers an Options template for easy search construction; has an option to view results by popularity; offers a directory based on the Open Directory

HotBot provides easy access to the web's three major crawler-based search engines: Yahoo, Google and Teoma. It's a fast, easy way to get different web search "opinions" in one place.

Searches Web sites with advanced Boolean and field search options. See also Babel Fish, the AltaVista translation service.

Gigablast has a tiny index of the web. Constantly gaining new and interesting features.

Live Search
Live Search (formerly Windows Live Search) is the name of Microsoft's web search engine, successor to MSN Search, designed to compete with the industry leaders Google and Yahoo.

LookSmart is a leader in online advertising and technology, providing premium and performance solutions for advertisers, publishers, and consumers.

General search engine that also offers searches of a few deep Web content sources including people look-up, yellow pages, and multimedia

Netscape Search
Search engine delivering web results along with One Click access to relevant videos, pictures, local maps, news, stock quotes, and more.

Microsoft engine that organizes results into topic categories and offers related search suggestions; multimedia and other deep Web searches are also available. Bing focuses on searches related to making a purchase decision, planning a trip, researching a health condition, and finding a local business.

Exalead offers concept clustering of results, thumbnail images of retrieved sites, and customization options such as organization of results by file type, geography or modification date.

Search numerous search engines and presented collated results; also presents concept clusters for viewing results organized by keywords or topics.

Clusters results from a variety of surface and deep Web sources and organizes them into clusters by topic, site or URL; also offers a variety of customization options, including the creation of a Clusty Cloud.

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