KMPlayer keyboard shortcuts

by Sanju 2009-12-15 13:13:33

KMPlayer keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut	Command
Ctrl+O Open File(s)
Ctrl+U Open URL
Ctrl+F Open Folder
Ctrl+J Open File(s) for TV-Out
Ctrl+I Open URL Extracted from IE
Ctrl+R Open Recent File
Ctrl+P Reopen after changing settings
Ctrl+M Open WDM (TV) Device...
Ctrl+W Open WDM (TV) as Default Device...
Ctrl+D Open DVD Standard Device
Ctrl+V Open DVD File
Ctrl+K Open Video CD
Tab Playback info (on OSC)
Shft+Tab Playback Message
Ctrl+Tab Advanced Playback Info
Ctrl+' Advanced Filter Info
PgUp Previous
Space Play
Ctrl+Z Stop
PgDn Next
Alt+G Control Box
Alt+E Playlist
M Mute
Alt+F4 Exit

1 Half Size (50%)
2 Normal Size (100%)
3 One and a Half Size (150%)
4 Double Size (200%)
5 Full Screen (Normal)
6 Full Screen (Stretch)
7 Full Screen (Overscan)
8 Maximize Window
9 Desktop Mode

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