Excel Shortcuts - Editing

by Rekha 2010-09-18 17:04:17

Excel Shortcuts: Editing

These are common shortcuts you will use to edit your Excel workbook. Our favorite shortcut in this list is, quite obviously, Ctrl+Z.

* Ctrl+C: Copy the current selection to the clipboard. After you copy something, you can paste it with the paste shortcut.
* Ctrl+V: Paste the current item from the clipboard.
* Ctrl+X: Cut the current selection and place it on the clipboard, which can be pasted. The difference between cut and copy is that cut will delete your selection, while copy will not.

* Ctrl+Z: Undo your last change. This is can be repeated to remove again and again to undo many changes.
* Ctrl+Y: Redo your last Undo. This only is available if you have just issued an Undo command.

* Backspace: Deletes the current cell and enters edit mode for that cell. This will only delete one cell and not a selection.
* Delete: Deletes the current selection. Use the delete key when you want to delete more than one cell at a time.

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