Excel Shortcuts - Getting Around

by Rekha 2010-09-18 17:05:06

Excel Shortcuts: Getting Around

These shortcuts will help you move around your Excel workbooks and worksheets with great ease!

* Page Up: Move one page up in your worksheet
* Page Down: Move one page down in your worksheet. Note: The number of rows moved in both page up and page down depend on how many rows are currently displayed. The more rows you have displayed the greater amount the row jump will be when you do a page up/down.
* Ctrl+Home: Move to the beginning of your worksheet
* Ctrl+End: Move to the end of your worksheet

* Tab: Move right one column
* Shift+Tab: Move left one column

* Ctrl+Page Up: Go back one worksheet
* Ctrl+Page Down: Go forward one worksheet. Note: If you are not using multiple worksheets in your workbook you will probably not use this shortcut!

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