How to Get Rid Of Sneezing

by Nithya 2010-11-24 21:48:58

How to Get Rid Of Sneezing

You can search many people, especially suffering from allergies or common cold, they sneeze every day, but they do not know why they sneeze.

Sneezing is the results from the production of irritant chemical called histamine through the body, while getting touches the allergens like dust mite and pollens. When you suffered from the common cold or any allergens, you feels non-stop sneezing can make your nasal passages irritate and sore. Even though sneezing is natural process of relieving from the irritating substance, but it is embarrassing experience among the people. Consequently, you should get the ways to stop this problems, before it embarrass you.

Here are some useful tips

1. Nettle is a natural cure for sneezing. When people makes a nettle tea, it inflammation goes to nasal passages, which cause the sneezing. Take some nettle supplements for the moments near your to clear your nasal passages.

2. Take citrus fruits and vegetables, containing Vitamin C, in your diet. This nutrient will reduce the amount of histamine in your body, and they will control your sneezing.

3. Drink a glass of orange juice or lemonade, if you are suffering from common cold.

4. Add vegetables, which contain bioflavonoid in your diet chart. The antioxidant activity of bioflavonoid works in the same way as Vitamin C. Bioflavonoid limits the body's production of histamine in the body.

5. Know your allergens substance. Mostly people, has allergy of dust and that sneezing. If you have an allergy from dust, then keep your home clean with vacuum cleaner.

6. Humid places, such as bathroom and basement, are the house of mold, which causes a sneezing.

7. Many times people love pet like: dogs and cats. Airborne particles are easily deposit in the skin and hair of dogs, cats and other pets; which causes you to get rid of sneezing.

8. Pollens caused sneezing and it is the trigger of allergens.

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