cyber monday 2010

by Nithya 2010-11-27 19:42:18

We are done with Black Friday 2010 now. However, the Cyber Monday 2010 is another opportunity for those who missed the gold rush of Black Friday.

Cyber Monday 2010 is the day when many retailer will put online deals. Even though Cyber Monday is consumer and retailer's day but hackers and other bad guys also try to get the opportunity.

Cyber Monday Deals 2010: Be careful of unreal deals.

Many fraud website are expected to be opened just to provide the fake Cyber Monday deals. The only purpose of these websites are to collect the personal information. Shoppers are advised to verify the website before giving the personal and billing information.

Shoppers should not give the personal information such as date of birth of SSN on any shopping website. These small steps can avoid you from becoming the identity fraud victim.

Just because there are few fake websites, it doesn't mean that the online shopping event is not a good time to buy any stuff. Thousands of real, legit and genuine retailer are expected to offer deep discounts on Cyber Monday.

Unlike previous years, Cyber Monday Deals of 2010 are as good as that of Black Friday 2010.

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