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by Nithya 2010-11-27 19:48:44

Nevada Football lovers had a great day as they crushed the Boise State Football team's hopes of going to a BCS Championship. Boise State went into the half with a 24 to 7 lead and it looked like this year's miracle team was still going to the BCS.

Nevada Football had a little left to say on the subject as they came back in the second half. Nevada dominated Boise State at every turn and ended up with a tie score forcing overtime.

Boise State suffered as their usually great kicker faltered by missing in regulation with less than a second to go and in overtime play giving Nevada a second life. Nevada seized the opportunity and kicked a field goal in overtime to win the game 34 to 31.

Nevada will relish this moment for a long time as they are not in the hunt for the BCS. Now little Boise State can kiss hopes of a BCS title away as they are not in one of the automatic qualifying conferences.

Read they are not one of the special schools that get an advantage in the BCS title hunt) This will be a point of contention again this year as the way the BCS works certain conferences get preference over others to play in the championship.

Boise State Football have a great season going and should not quit now. They can still finish with only 1 loss this year and that is a respectable feat for any team.

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