View .docx Files

by Geethalakshmi 2010-12-20 15:24:07

View .docx Files

1. Cannot view .docx files on your computer? Viewing .docx files without Microsoft Office is simple. You may download a .docx viewer directly from Microsoft by following the link below and clicking download.

2. The .docx viewer is great if you are not editing text, but what if you would like to manipulate the text in these files? There are several solutions. One such solution is using a .docx to .doc file converter. You can find hundreds of sites that will perform this process for free by searching for ".docx to .doc file converter" and saving the output file on your computer. (.doc files are used by more word processors and should work on almost any computer)

3. But what if I have a Mac? There are also free programs to convert .docx files to Mac format. If you would like to view a .docx file on your Mac, convert the .docx file to .zip. Unzip the file. Go to your web browser (Safari) and go to File -> Open File. Navigate to the contents of your .zip file that have unzipped to a .xml format. Safari can open and display .docx files in this way.

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