How To Hide Files inside a Picture

by Dinesh 2012-08-28 19:16:23

How To Hide Files inside a Picture?

Step 1: Just select you files that u want to hide and a picture or any other file. lets your file is a document file xyz.docx ( you can have any thing) and picture is technical tricks.jpg .

Step 2:Put all files in a folder that you want to hide.

Step 3: Select that folder, right click and click add to archives (we will use WinZip or WinRar if u don't have it then download it) or send to compressed after this you will create .rar or .zip file.

Step 4: Now open the command prompt by simply go to run and type "cmd" ;

Step 5: Now just go to the address where you have your files by simply type "cd path" in place of path put you file location.

Step 6: Then type "copy /b technicaltricks,jpg" press enter.
eg. copy /b imagename.jpg

Step 7: Its done . Now you can delete original file.

Step 8: When you need your file back then just change the extension of file .jpg to .zip and you got you file back.

*Note: We do with the image. You can replace it with movies, software etc with the same procedure.


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