Google Efficiently Search Trick

by Dinesh 2012-08-28 19:18:13

Google Efficiently Search Trick

Make your Google Search, yahoo search or any other more efficient and get your desired search result. You can apply your validates just like you want some specific keyword in the search result. You can easily add it and remove it too. There are many tricks by which we can do efficient Google search and save your time.

Some useful tricks for your Search that may help u in your search.

Find out the keyword in your words of your search that contain your desire result and search for that keyword.

Search for exact phrase: “Your word” by Quoting the word the search engine will show you only whose web pages only which contain word together as you put in quotes.

Use ‘+’ sign: Putting plus sign before the word it simply tell search engine that add this word in search result and show only those web pages which contain that word followed by other words.

Use ‘-’ sign: It remove the particular word from your search engine.

Use ‘*’ sign: The * sign can be used in places where the whole word is not known.

Search: friend*

This will return the results containing friend, friends, and friendship.

Use '~' sign: Putting '~' before any word will return the results that containing the synonyms of the word.

Use '?' sign: This is used when the full spelling of the word is not known.

For Eg: Search: com??ter

This will result that in the results in which any alphabet can take the place of '?' sign

To define a word or to get the definition of a word.

Just use following syntax: Search: define: xyz

For Eg : Search: define: Network

It will return the web pages those which define the ‘network’.

We can use boolean operators too : The boolean operators like AND,OR,NOT .They can be used in search box to connect the words !

The search engine understands these Boolean operator but they must be in capital letters.

For Eg:

Search: Technical OR Tricks

This will return the results containing either Technical OR Tricks.

Search For a particular website:

To search a particular website you can use the following syntax in the Google search :
Search: site: topic
For Eg:
Search: site: Google Search Tips

Search For a similar website or page:

To find a website similar i.e. consisting of same type of content, use the following syntax:
Search: related:

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