Overview of Human recognition network

by barkkathulla 2012-09-20 16:27:20

<font color=#003300>The smart card used here is in the form of an EEPROM card. The smart card consists of the basic information about the individual student. The EEPROM card is accessed through the I2C communication in the PIC. A relay driving section is interfaced with the PIC for a check post setup function. The PIC consists of the data of the students stored in it as done in the smart cards. The Fig. 2.1 shows the block diagram of campus gate entry section.
When a student accesses a smart card the basic information stored in it gets displayed in the LCD interfaced with the PIC and if the information satisfies to be valid then the signal given to the relay and the motor to open the check post for the entry. If the information fails to be valid then the entry for the particular identity will be ignored.
The PIC is communicated with next block through a RF transmitter. The RF TX is connected through USART module of the PIC. It covers upto a range of few meter coverage around the college campus. The entry when accessed is recorded with the true state for the campus attendance. The first condition gets to be true and helps to test the condition in next sections of the system.
The entire program module for the desired operation is done through CCS IDE platform. After its execution and compilation is converted to hexadecimal code and fed to the PIC microcontroller.

2.2 Classroom Attendance System
The second block or the next working section will be in the class room. It has a personal computer or a laptop for the process involved. A high accuracy web camera is fixed at top of the classroom such as to focus the faces of all the students present in the classroom.

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