Process of video image analysis network

by barkkathulla 2012-09-20 16:28:19

<font color=#00004D><font size=4>Face recognition has been a sought after problem of biometrics and it has a variety of applications in modern life. The problems of face recognition attracts researchers working in biometrics, pattern- recognition field and computer vision. Several face recognition algorithms are also used in many different applications apart from biometrics, such as video compressions, indexing etc.

They can also be used to classify multimedia content, to allow fast and efficient searching for material that is of interest to the user. An efficient face recognition system can be of great help in forensic sciences, identification for law enforcement, surveillance, authentication for banking and security system, and giving preferential access to authorized users i.e. access control for secured areas etc.

Face recognition systems architecture broadly consists of the three following tasks
i. Acquisition (Detection, Tracking of face-like images)
ii. Feature extraction (Segmentation, alignment & normalization of the face image)
iii. Recognition

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