Make a Timeline in Word 2007

by Mohan 2012-09-21 23:36:46

<h2>Make a Timeline in Word 2007</h2>

Open a new Word 2007 document.

Select the "Page Layout" tab and click on the "Orientation" button.

Select Landscape from the drop-down menu. This will alter the orientation of the page.

Select the Insert tab. Click on the Shapes button in the Illustrations group.

Select a rectangle from the menu.

Drag the rectangle horizontally from one corner to another of the page.

Right-click on the rectangle and select "Format AutoShape" from the menu.

The Format AutoShape dialog box will appear. Choose the "Size" tab.

Adjust the height to ".5". Adjust the width to "9.00."

Choose the "Colors and Lines" tab. Select a color and/or effect to fill the rectangle from the menu.

Drag down the rectangle by some inches as you require space above the timeline to add data. Just click on the rectangle, hold down the mouse button and move it downwards.

From the Inset tab, click on the "Shapes" button. Choose a straight line from the menu.

Draw the line above or at the bottom of your timeline close to the left end. You have to draw it upwards coming out of the rectangle.

Click on Text Box in the Insert tab. Choose a text box from the menu. Move it above the line by holding down the right mouse button and dragging it.

You can type the date and information here.

Select the text box by clicking on it. Right-click on its outline to select "Format Text Box" from the menu.

Select the "Colors and Lines" tab. Select "No Line" from the "Line Color" menu.

Repeat the above steps for all the timeline dates, putting some info below and some above the rectangle.

You can also make explanatory images to the timeline. Choose the "Insert" menu and click on "Clip Art" or Picture. Insert pictures wherever you want on the timeline. You will end up making a very good timeline and now you can save your timeline.


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