Boolean Full-Text Searches

by Mohan 2012-09-22 12:41:43

Boolean Full-Text Searches

Operator Description

+ The word following is mandatory and must be present in every row returned.

- The word following is prohibited and must not be present in any row returned.

< The word following has a lower relevance than other words.

> The word following has a higher relevance than other words.

( ) Used to group words in subexpressions.

~ The word following makes a negative contribution to the row relevance (this is not the same as the - operator, which excludes the row altogether if the word is found, or as the < operator, which still assigns a positive, though lower, relevance to the word).

* The wildcard, indicating zero or more characters. It can only appear on the end of a word.

" Anything enclosed in double quotes is taken as a whole.

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