Magical Tooth Pick

by Geethalakshmi 2012-12-01 17:53:43

Magical Tooth Pick


Make toothpicks arranged in any closed shape to break apart from the arrangements with a magical tooth pick.

A pan or a chinese food plate
Tooth picks and
Dish washing liquid

Fill the pan or the plate with water. (make sure your vessel is cleaned before experimenting)

Arrange the toothpicks in the shape of Pentagon. Make sure you place the picks overlapping others to form the shape.

Dip one of the toothpick in the liquid dish washing bar and let it dry for few secs.

Now, Dip the soapy end of the tooth pick in the water pan and bring it closer to the shape arranged. Note the magic all the toothpicks connected will break and move apart.


This magical trick works on the concept that,

When the tooth pick is immersed in to the water the molecules in the soap breaks the surface tension of the water. The effect spread like a ring, which breaks the molecules holding the tooth picks together.

The molecules of the soap immersed tooth pick that you immersed some far distance will have its surface tension that tends to pull the other toothpicks together.

This trick works only once till the soap is in the water. You are about to clean everything again to perform the same tricky magic again.

Impress the audience with this simple science magic.

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