Everyone should track the 5 Local SEO Metrics, Instead Of Rankings

by PRanesh 2014-09-19 14:32:48

Use the following 5 metrics to track and cover in monthly report to improve the Local SEO Result.

1. Organic Traffic

organic traffic

2. Organic Landing Pages

Organic Landing Pages

3. Organic Conversion Sources

Organic Conversion Sources

4. Google My Business Impressions

Google My Business Impressions

5. Clicks For Driving Directions

Clicks For Driving Directions

You can even look at some (extremely general) numbers of where the clicks for directions came from:

You can track the number of clicks - do know the clicks from the directions comes from,

sample image for you ref:

tracking the direction of clicks comes from
  • Bonus Metric: Manual Phone Tracking
                           Its easy to track the phone call and monitor the call request to reach the website and bring the improvement to the concerned website.
  • Deliver Reports With Metrics That Matter
                          Your reports should deliver metrics that matter to your users’s bottom line – not the webpages and pages of data that they never feel what is all about.

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