Camera That Helps To drive in Dark

by saranya 2010-01-28 20:30:01

Insectlike Night Cameras, A new type of color camera that, in the future, will help people drive cars more safely when it's dark outside.

The insects, bees, beetles and moths ,in particular, have compound eyes with multiple lenses that work together to create a single image in the animal's eye. The light-sensitive cells in the retinas of these eyes have a capacity to exploit light even in situations where the light is weak. When night falls, the light-sensitive cells start to cooperate in a way that renders the function of the retina flexible. For example, at any given moment a certain part of the retina may register the details of a flower while other parts of the same retina may simultaneously monitor the terrain for any movements in the darkness.

Using the Mathematical concepts along with the above concept , a new insect like camera has been developed.

This night color camera is currently being tested at Toyota's developmental facility in Brussels.

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