12 Different Poses in Surya Namaskar

by bharathi 2010-12-10 09:31:08

12 Different Poses in Surya Namaskar

Pose 1:

Stand with feet joined and hands folded in front of the chest (normal breathing)

Pose 2:

Raise hands and bend backward ( inhale)

Pose 3:

Bend forward and place the hands flat on the floor. You may bend knees in the beginning (exhale)

Pose 4:

Stretch the right leg back while bending the left knee & lowering the torso. Stretch the neck backwards (inhale)

Pose 5:

Lifting the hips take the left foot back to join the right foot. Lower your head. The body takes a triangular position (exhale)

Pose 6:

Lower the body to the floor. Let the chin, chest and knees rest on the floor but not the stomach. It will be very difficult until you get a body balance on your arms (hold breathing)

Pose 7:

Drop the stomach. Lift your head and raise the upper body. The abdomen should remain on the floor. Now it is the Bhujangasana Position (inhale)

Pose 8:

Lift the hips up to the triangular position of Pose 5 (exhale)

Pose 9:

Bring the left foot forward and assume pose 4 (inhale)

Pose 10:

Straighten your legs and raise hips in the Pose 3 (exhale)

Pose 11:

Raise hands above your head and bend backwards and assume pose 2 (inhale)

Pose 12:

Fold hands and bring them down to the chest, like in the starting position (exhale)

To complete one round of Surya Namaskar, one such cycle has to be done with the right foot in front and left leg stretched back.

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